Launching AppDB.Studio 2019 at Microsoft Montreal SQL Users Group

SQLNext is proud to announce that we will launch AppDB.Studio 2019 officially at Microsoft Montreal March 4th 2019 at 18h30.

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Thanks a million to Michelle Gutzait and Christian Cote at for hosting the event!

Event Description:

AppDB.Studio is a free SQL Server Management Studio extension built specifically to Standardize Databases for Applications. It packs features like:

-Code Templates
-Naming Conventions
-Automated Design Patterns
-Repair and Diagnostics tool
-Object Deprecation
-Tables Archetypes

Presenter Bio: Étienne Thouin is the founder and CTO of SQLNext Software, a Montreal-based Startup specialized in building MS-SQL tools for Database Developers. He is a Technology Entrepreneur, a Web Platform Architect as well as a MS-SQL Database Architect with 18 years of .Net and SQL consulting experience in Montreal.